Choosing CASA-i Prefabricated Houses in Puerto Rico: A Sustainable and Intelligent Living Choice

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Are you looking for a home that combines sustainability, resilience, and intelligent design? Look no further than CASA-i for prefabricated houses in Puerto Rico. In a world where sustainable living is gaining importance, CASA-i stands out as a top choice for those seeking off-grid capabilities, water efficiency, thermal insulation, and a future-ready home.


Off-Grid Capable:

CASA-i homes offer the flexibility to scale up to solar energy at your own pace. Whether you prefer a ‘grid-tied’ or ‘off-grid’ system, these homes provide self-sufficiency with a small generator and battery pack, eliminating the inconvenience of blackouts.


Water Supply:

Equipped with cisterns for rain and grid water collection, CASA-i homes ensure a constant water supply even during service disruptions. The grey-water-ready modules eliminate the need to demolish walls when opting for water recycling systems.



The thermally insulating structural shell of CASA-i homes is lighter than poured concrete but resilient against hurricanes and seismic activities. With thermally protected glazing, these homes remain cooler, reducing energy consumption and enhancing maintenance efficiency.



Living in a CASA-i house offers a lifestyle that aligns with the environment, independence, and freedom. Emphasizing wellness, these homes prioritize a harmonious living experience.


Economically Balanced:

Understanding the total cost of a house, CASA-i ensures an economically balanced solution. Similar to hybrid or electric cars, the overall savings, including operational and maintenance costs, make CASA-i a cost-effective choice.


Looking to the Future:

CASA-i homes minimize construction waste, maximize resource consciousness, and integrate nature into the living space. The design prioritizes natural light, ventilation, and eco-friendly materials for a sustainable and healthy living environment.



Equipped with an intelligent and scalable home system, CASA-i modules allow homeowners to control security, energy management, sound, and air quality effortlessly.


Optimized Systems and Equipment:

CASA-i collaborates with experts to bring together optimized systems and equipment, ensuring that the homes are efficient and technologically advanced.



The lightweight structure of CASA-i homes allows for easy transport and quick onsite installation, reducing onsite time and material waste. This ensures improved quality control and minimal change orders.


Modular and Expandable:

CASA-i homes are modular and part of a comprehensive system, allowing for expansion and transformation at any time, providing the flexibility to adapt to changing needs.



Choosing CASA-i for prefabricated houses in Puerto Rico is not just about a home; it’s about embracing a sustainable, intelligent, and future-ready lifestyle. From off-grid capabilities to wellness features and economic balance, CASA-i offers a holistic living experience that aligns with the evolving needs of modern homeowners.

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