5 Hot Trends To Try On A Target Budget

For a while now I’ve been trying to refresh my wardrobe, which means tossing things I don’t wear/love and replacing them with quality staple pieces. My goal is to be more thoughtful about what I buy and to make sure my closet is full of things that go together, so I can spend less time stressing about putting together an outfit.

But you know what can really hinder my decluttered/capsule/easy going wardrobe goals?


Those pieces that are not a basic. They’re not classic. They might even be outrageous. But you love them! Snake skin boots? Yeah I want them. Cheetah everything? NEED. What about those teeny tiny sunglasses? I’m intrigued.

I love a good trend, but you never know when you pick up a fad item if you’ll wear it for years or if it will be over in a month. Just because you saw the Kardashians wearing it, doesn’t mean you have to drop a lot of cash to try out a new trend (I’m saying this to myself as much as you).

So here are 5 trends that you can try out at Target! If it ends up being an item you really love, you can always upgrade to a higher quality piece. But if you’re over it in a month, you won’t feel guilty because you didn’t spend a lot!


I freakin’ love this trend, but never got around to getting a pair last year. Dreaming about it being warm someday soon, I did a google search and a $7 pair popped up, so you know I snagged a pair! There’s other pairs too, all for under $15. Props to anyone who rocks that neon outfit!


Wear them on your hip or around your shoulder. Either way they’re freakin’ convenient and a trend that seems to be sticking around! Target has quite a few options that range from casual festival gear to a bit classier, like the faux leather one I got a few weeks and and have been LOVING!


When it comes to jewelry I’m hesitant to invest unless I know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of it. Recently at Target I found a 3 pack of golf hoops for $6. I think it’s the perfect way to test them out and see if I like the look before I buy a nice pair!


This is a trend I see non-stop on instagram, but have yet to try. But if I was going to, I’d head straight to Target. I love their shoes and have definitely found good deals on super trendy pairs before.


I’ll be honest this is not a trend I plan out trying. I need my sunglasses to have a bit more function. But I’ve been seeing so many versions of these and it’s nice to see an affordable version if you want to play around with your looks this summer!

So there you have it, a reminder that you can be fashion forward on a budget, and that it’s okay to throw some wild pieces into your sensible wardrobe! It’s also a declaration of my undying love for Target, and I have a feeling I’m not alone in that.