28 Things I've Learned In 28 Years

There are few things I love more than a good long birthday week, especially when it’s mine! But I want to spread the joy, partly with a sale (find that here) and partly with a new blog post!

I feel like 2019 has been a year of growth for me, and I’m excited to continue on that path for the little bit of my twenties I have left! I did some reflecting and today I’m sharing 28 things I’ve learned in my 28 years.

1. Find something you love and surround yourself with it
Whether it’s a sport, cooking, a craft, a small business. It’s so rewarding to find something you like to do. Even if you do it an hour a day, or once a week. It feels so good to have something of your own that you love to do, that keeps you from being bored.

2. Invest in yourself
Taking care of yourself, or trying to improve yourself is worth it. I like to take online classes that help me with my business. Maybe you want to learn a second language, or get your real estate license. Do it, invest in yourself.

3. Don’t always do it for the gram
Sometimes it’s just too damn stressful to feel like you have to post all the time. To feel like you have to show everyone how fun your life is. If you’re worried the night was a waste because you didn’t get the pic, it’s time to step away from the gram for a bit.

4. It’s okay if people don’t get it
For me this was a huge one. I run a small business. By myself. On top of my day job. I work on it almost every night. I do flea markets on my weekends. It can be hard to explain, people don’t get exactly what I do or why. But that’s okay. If you love something, it’s okay if everyone doesn’t get it.

5. Make yourself uncomfortable
Get out of your freakin’ comfort zone! I am not good at this. I am not out-going. But you know what? Having products to sell kind of changes that. Wanting to meet other creatives means making myself uncomfortable. And I’ve met some pretty rad people in the process.

6. If you’re not happy, do something about it
It can be so easy to complain to your friends about something, but if you are always complaining about the same thing why not change it? I’m striving not to dwell in situations I’m not happy in and instead create a plan and take action!

7. Other people’s goals don’t have to be your goals
Oh instagram, you really have a way of making me question what I want and what I;ve just seen a million other people post about. If your friends are buying a house, or moving away, or getting a new job, or having a baby; it doesn’t mean you have to want that. Don’t let pictures of other people’s lives change your own goals and ambitions.

8. Learn to be happy being alone
Being alone is something I was very uncomfortable with for a very long time. I’m finally in a place now where I enjoy having the house to myself for a night. It’s really given me a sense of self that I never had before. For me learning to be less dependent on my partner has made my relationship that much stronger.

9. Teamwork makes the marriage work
It’s been 3 years, so I won’t claim to be an expert. But I do think so far we’re doing a pretty dang good job. Teamwork ain’t always easy, but we’ve never treated our marriage like anything but a team. We work through problems together. We’re in it 50/50, and it’s been pretty rad.

10. Communication is key (patience helps)
Other people don’t feel exactly what you feel. Listen to your partner, think about what they are saying. Come into a conversation trying to understand them, not convince them of your side. I think it’s all about learning how you communicate best with that specific person. Your person.

11. Weddings are expensive
We had NO idea what we were getting into when we started planning our wedding. It was freakin’ expensive. Would I change a thing? No. Do I wish we’d planned a little better, sure. It’s all about learning.

12. Learn how to manage your money
This one I’m still working on, but it’s pretty important.

13. Less is more/clutter sucks
This is partly because I have a goal of having fewer, high quality clothes. It’s also partly because soon I’ll be living in a smaller place than I am currently and have really been making note of the things I own that I really just don’t need.

14. You gotta have follow through
Having a to-do list is cool and having a plan is great but if you can’t bring yourself to do anything about it it’s not super useful is it? Sometimes just getting started is really hard but like, also totally necessary.

15. Dogs are instant bffs
I love my dog. Get a dog. That’s it.

16. Do all the face masks
Getting old means you start caring about your “skin routine” and honestly masks just make you feel good.

17. You don’t have to practice self help, but you should
When I was younger I really struggled with the fact of whether or not I “needed help” and if that made me weird. Self help is showing up for yourself in so many ways. None of them make you weird, so just do what makes you feel amazing.

18. Spend time on making your home feel like home
It just makes everything better. Even if the place you live is temporary, surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good can improve your mood, make you feel safe, even give you confidence.

19. Put down the damn phone
I’m not perfect at this, but I really try. Be with the person you’re with. Ask questions about their day. Read a book, watch that show, listen to the song. Hell, people watch if you’re out in public. Sometimes it’s just nice to be in the real world.

20. Read
I struggle to make time to read but I really feel great when I do.

21. Working out will make you feel good
It just does. Find a type of exercise you like and add it to your routine. Make goals and crush them. Feeling strong is a really great feeling.

22. Improving yourself shouldn’t be for anyone but you
If you’re trying to change to make someone else happy, it probably ain’t gonna turn out great.

23. Take yourself out of toxic situations
If something isn’t making you feel good, you do not need to stick around. Put yourself first and GTFO.

24. Be kind
There’s a lot of bad news out there. You’re going through a lot, but other people are too. Treat people with kindness.

25. It’s cool to give a shit
I used to think it was so cool to not give a shit about anything. Like I couldn’t be bothered. Now I think educating yourself and having a stance is really the only way to go. Read the news, support a cause; whatever it is just give a shit.

26. Staying (at least a little) informed feels good
This goes with the last one. I NEVER payed attention to politics or really anything on the news. Nowadays it can be overwhelming to pay attention. But as I get older I do see the importance in being informed, and making informed decisions. Even in having informed conversations and learning from others (just not on twitter).

27. You can always make a new plan
It’s never too late to make a new plan. It absolutely does not matter your age, or where you live, or when someone less did the same thing. If you have a goal, make a plan that works for you and get after it.

28. Travel
As much as you can, as far as you can, as often as you can.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. I hope this made you laugh, or think, or something. I’ll see you here this time next year to see how 28 treated me!