Everything You Should Know About Designing Your Wedding Invitations


We’re well into 2019 at this point and Winter is almostttt over. I’m not a huge fan of Winter, but I’m a sucker for seasons. Baseball season, tank top season, and WEDDING SEASON. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a wedding themed blog, so I’m excited to get back at it in anticipation of all the 2019 nuptials!


So many decisions go into wedding planning, but today I want to talk about the paper. Invitations, Save-the-dates, Thank you’s- it can seem so overwhelming! You want them to fit you and your theme, have all the info, but still look super cute. And you want coordinating all that to be easy!

The tricky part is that the perfect invitation will look different for every couple. This post is going to break down the important factors you want to consider when making these decisions, and how Basic Invite can help!


The most important thing you need when choosing where to buy your invitations is OPTIONS. You want to be able to pick and choose what elements are a right fit for you. Cookie cutter invites, no thanks!



Color is a huge part of making sure everything about your wedding flows together. So you don’t want just any old pink, you want the exact soft blush that matches your bouquet or the perfect emerald to match the table linens. Basic Invite has over 180 different color options, and you can customize the color of each part of the invite. What better way to assure you get the exact look you want? Oh yea, their 40 envelope color options!



I stressed A LOT over fonts for my wedding invites. The right font will depict the vibe you want; romantic, art deco, modern. There are fonts for all of them! Nothing drives me crazier than when a template doesn’t let you change fonts around. Basic Invite lets you switch up the fonts however you want, no being stuck to the presets.



Alright you chose your color and your font, but you still want to be able to put them onto fun wedding invitations in a style that fits you best! Keep your invite a classic flat card with shape options like rounded or ticket edges. Add some foil to make the design pop! Choose a clear invitation for an ultra modern look! Or you could opt for seal & send invitations! These are an all-in-one wedding invitation with a tear-off RSVP postcard included! They’ve got all over style and no envelope necessary.


Now you have the customized invitation you want with the trendy touches and the custom colors, but it’s also important to make getting them to your guests AS EASY AS POSSIBLE! Here are some features that will insure just that.



Every Basic Invite invitation is part of a set. That means you can find matching everything from save the date ideas to enclosure cards, wedding menus, wedding programs and even matching thank you cards! Not having to pick and choose separate items and hoping they look good together eliminates so much stress not to mention time!



Yes, you should be super excited to send out physical paper invitations and people will be so excited to get them because yay mail! But these days a wedding website is still an essential. You can use it to provide links to your registry, or add extra info for guests that you didn’t want to include on your invitation. For me this was dinner info, introductions to the bridal party, and the story of how my husband and I met! Basic Invite provides a free wedding website that will match your invitations! But maybe the biggest reason to have a wedding website is digital RSVP! Allow your guests to RSVP on your website and avoid tracking down people who are likely to forget to mail back the physical one.



THIS IS HUGE. Share a link with guests (on your website perhaps?) and collect addresses so they can be printed on your envelopes! Some sites will charge for this feature which may lead you to consider addressing them yourself? Honestly, who has the time, patience, or skills for that?! Basic invites takes all of that off your hands.



Alright, you’ve customized your colors and your fonts. You chose your RSVP cards, matching thank you’s and you’ve received all your paper, printed envelopes and all. But not only are your envelopes are pretty, printed, and matching perfectly; they’re peel and seal envelopes! No licking required, these envelopes feature a pull strip with an adhesive on the flap that will save you so much time!


We’ve talked about how to get the exact design you want, the matching items you need, and how to make getting it all to your guests as simple as possible. You’re so close! Here are the last things you need to consider.



Designing your wedding paper should be fun, but it is so important! You really want to make sure you’re choosing a product you love. You definitely want to get samples printed before you order everything. This way you get to see and feel them in person. Make sure the colors look the way you want, the font is readable, and that you just all around love what you designed!

What’s super cool about Basic Invites samples is that they offer custom samples. So you won’t just received a generic sample or a bunch of card stock options, you can get a  sample with all your info, exactly how the product will look. No surprises! You will feel confident ordering because you’ve seen the exact finished product.



Remember how we talked about the magic of matching options? Why not grab a few matching extras while you’re at it! Little favors are such a great touch your guests will love. How about fully customized wedding coasters? Stickers that match your place cards? Basic Invites has so many extras to help pull your theme together day of, even a customized guest book for you to look back on!

Wedding planning is not a one size fits all process. Maybe cookie cutter options work for some people, but I think most want their wedding to feel exactly like them. I hope this article was helpful, you are able to apply these principles to your own style and taste. That way when you click that order button you feel confident you made and informed decision and worry free because you got a custom sample you loved!

To check out Basic Invites and explore all their amazing options, check them out at www.basicinvites.com or follow them on social media @basicinvites!

Happy planning to all my future brides out there!