10 NYFW Designers I Want To Wear Immediately!

I don't know about you but I absolutely love Fashion Week! Sure, I’m a designer at heart but even if you’re not there’s so much to soak in. There’s the crazy looks going down the runway, the wild street style in the crowds. I love scrolling through the shows on wwd.com and surprising myself with what looks I’m drawn to.

People who aren’t in the fashion world have a tendency to write off runway shows. It’s all just wacky stuff no one actually wears. But do you not like to look at art in a museum just because you wouldn’t put it in your home? Of course not! (Or maybe you would, if so I have nothing for you here). I want to challenge anyone who’s never payed attention to couture before to think of it like a modern art museum.

Below are 10 designers (in no particular order) whose collections I absolutely adore and would totally wear! Now this was the Ready-to-Wear fashion week but that doesn’t mean these runway show were boring, anything but!


Sandra Sandor and Nanushka were new to me, but I am so in love with the way her designs are mostly gender neutral but styled to feel soft and feminine. The few prints that are in this collection are so on point and add so much interest to the looks. I am feeling these 80’s inspired designs and would totally wear them!


Warm is a specialty shop by designer Winnie Beattie. Her inspiration was from an old photo of a 1960’s Venice Beach Rock Festival. I am in love with the, well, warm tones, the mixing of prints and how soft everything looks. All the pieces are incredibly versatile yet luxe. I’m not normally one for the hippy/70’s vibe but this collection got me!


HOLY TEXTURE! Designer Gilles Mendel used the term “Raw things” to describe the mood board for this collection. I love when a look keeps your eye busy. These items are intricate but still subtle. There’s beads, ruffles, fur, and leather yet I feel like any of these pieces have so much versatility and look cozy as hell!


If you follow the designer on instagram you will see that the chicest celebs love her clothing (hello, I will wear anything JLO wears). And really how could they not because her designs are the epitome of cool. Pops of color? Check. Leather? Check. Snake skin? Check. Oh, and it’s all paired with ultra luxe silk and cashmere? CHECK. I’m also way into wearing matching tights with everything.


The Row and the Olsen twins will always have a special place in my heart. I’ve kept my eye on their collections over the years and they are continuously making fashion that is somehow as structured as it is fluid. This collection is everything I’d ever want to wear out but also nap in. The most luxurious nap ever.


There will be no napping in this collection! Like the J.Mendel collection, there is so much texture! But in a totally different way. One of the more luxe lines I was drawn to, I was blown away by the use of different materials but also by how wearable the pieces still were. You can say, “wow look at that craftsmanship!” but also imagine yourself in it.


The word that comes to mind when I look at this collection is smooth. The colors, the silhouettes, the fabric are all so on point. I’m a sucker for a gender fluid collection done right, and I think this husband and wife team nailed it. They used an 80’s/90’s tomboy vibe as inspiration and I think that makes this collection so wearable and not to mention easy on the eyes!


Rebecca Taylor’s collection appealed to me for an element that has been mostly absent from the others I’ve chosen; prints. A decidedly more feminine collection than any of the others it’s full of florals, ruffles, and bows. But sometimes a gal wants to feel frilly! Aside from the prints in this line I also can’t get enough of the way the pieces are layered. Oh, and that pink jacket/jogger combo? ALL LOVE.


Another collection where I couldn’t help but drool over the prints and the flowy cuts, maybe I do love 70’s inspired fashion! A direct opposite to most of the other collections I chose these looks are so light and airy. The styling is so simple but you can see even in a still image how much movement these items have. They feel very “every girl” but kicked up one notch!


Was I getting too frilly for you? back to muted colors and bulky layers! I cannot get enough of how these coats tied around the models waists looks relatable, but still so trendy! The continuous use of similar looking rich fabrics makes the pops of leather or tweed pop so beautifully. As far as wearability goes I’d rank this collection as the one to beat.

Fashion is a business. But it’s also fun. It’s also art. It’s a massive industry, but also shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s a consumer market, but also can simply be enjoyed from a window display, a Vogue ad, or a NYFW review. I hope you were able to see some cool new items, to look at high fashion a little differently, or maybe even get excited to find new ways to mix your current closet!