5 Reasons T-shirts Are The Perfect Travel Item No Matter What Your Style Is

I was packing for a trip last month and it inspired me to show how I utilize t-shirts when packing to really make the most of my outfits and the space in my suitcase when going on vaca!

1. Easy to pack

My packing strategy is to put my entire closet in a suitcase, and then remove items until I can zip it shut. T-shirts are easy to roll up, less likely to wrinkle, and small enough you can bring some extra options!


2. Layering is a Breeze

Whether you’re going from cold weather to warm weather, traveling in a plane or car, or if you’re just out and about there’s nothing easier to layer than a tee!


3. Easy to transition

Incorporating streetwear into dressier outfits is becoming super trendy (and I’m all about it). This makes transitioning from day to night even easier! This is especially important when you’re on-the-go on vacay, a t-shirt can be casual and cool for day and sporty-chic into night!


4. Doubles as Sleepwear

This one’s pretty simple. Who else forgets to think about sleepwear when packing? It’s also nice to have something comfy to wear while you sip your coffee in the morning.


5. Perfect for repeating outfits

It happens to all of us, packing space always gets tight when you factor in make-up, shoes, and bags. Sometimes bringing staple items you know could get more than one wear helps with that problem. T-shirts, again, are good for layering, transitioning, and are just freaking comfortable! I’ll say it one last time, they’re a travel must have!

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