It’s December, and ya girl is officially in the holiday spirit! Even though a lot of people have had their trees up for a full month already, I prefer to wait until December to start partaking in cheer and festivities. Is it because I don’t like the stress of decorating? Maybe. Is it because if I start eating Christmas cookies in November I’ll have to buy new pants by January? Perhaps. Is it because I’m an all around procrastinator? Absolutely.

I wanted to put a lil gift guide together for all my fellow procrastinators still looking for some handmade gifts!

Full disclosure: I do not actually consider shopping for gifts the first week of December “procrastinating”. That’s just me trying to be lol funny. I am astounded by the amount of people who have told me they are done with their Christmas shopping. How. Why. WHEN?! Do you have a time machine that gives you extra days? SHARE WITH MEEE.

If you are like me, a normal person who has not found someone who will share their time machine check out these gifty gifts!

For the sports fan-

We’ve got your bases covered (get it? get it?) with these 3/4 sleeve baseball tees! They are unisex and soooooo soft! Great for Fall/Winter or those chilly Spring games!

For the ultimate Clevelander-

If you live in Cleveland you know it’s mandatory to express love for your city via Cleveland apparel! There’s so many fun colors of skyline baseball hats you really can’t go wrong. Match someones fave sports team or just pick their fave color! Not a hat person? Snatch a hoodie or crewneck for the Cleveland winter.

For the empowered women-

The future is female! Give the ladies in your life a t-shirt that confirms it.

For the coffee lover-

For the friend that loves coffee and ain’t afraid to show it! Would your friend prefer to let the barista know you’re getting the largest size before you even order with the coffee over everything t-shirt? Or display their love in their home and hang that caffeine wall hoop right next to the coffee machine? Either way, we gotchu.

For the dog mom-

I really don’t have much for this one. This crewneck says it all.

There you have it! Some faves for your fave humans.

I wish you all the best on you holiday shopping journey, thanks so much as always for your love and support!

* All model images were photographed by Kailey Marie Photography and Lizzie Schlafer Photography *