Faux-Fur Bench Makeover!

Do you ever see an item at a thrift store that you just have to have? It needs some fixing up, it has great project potential, you don't know exactly what you'll do with it, but you know you want it. This happened to me with a bench. It was a white leather upholstered bench/stool and it was $5! I had to have it. And then it sat in many different rooms of my house for a long time. I decided to use faux fur to cover the top since the leather was pretty beat up. Even that sat at home for quite some time. But this week I finally gave my bench a makeover! 

This was a quick, simple project. First I taped of the metal feet and painted the legs. I used Wise Owl Chalk Paint in the color Anchor. I painted two coats, and finished it with a matte Polycrylic.


Next, I retaped and used Liquid Leaf to paint the metal feet. After all other this was dry I took my faux fur, cut it to size and use my staple gun to tack it down. Super easy and so cute! Faux-Fur benches, stools, and chairs have been so popular lately and I'm always so happy when I can DIY something trendy!

So there you have it! A fun upcycling project with a great Goodwill find. Happy making!