DIY Wedding Banners

When I was planning my wedding I had a running lists of crafts to start, to finish, supplies to buy, and what needed to go where. One super simple project that can be customized  to match your wedding theme are banners. There are a couple options for this, I'm going to show you two different styles. One option, it a banner of flags with the letters painted on and the other is the actual letters strung together. 

Flag banners:

The first step for a flag banner is to decide what kind of flag you want to use. I used these pre-cut banners from Michael's, they also have triangles. You can also use card stock or scrap booking paper. I would stick with these two options, felt is another possibility, but for a wedding that could look a little too crafty. Consider the location, how formal your wedding is, and of course the colors when choosing this base.

Next, you want to decide what you want the flags to say, aka how many flags you will need. For my flag banners I made two lines, "all you need is love" "and donuts". I had two packs of the flags which was 24 in total. I ended up having to use '&' instead of 'and' because I didn't have enough letters! So plan for what you want to spell, if you're using paper obviously you can make as many as needed. 

Then you'll want to grab your computer and use any program where you can choose a font. Choose the font you want your letters to be and type it out. Choosing a bold font will make it easier for you and easier for the guest to read. Once you've chosen a font, type your letters out with a space in between each one so they are all separated. Then enlarge the text to the size of you banners, usually 4-6" unless you made super huge flags and need each letter to be the size of a computer paper sheet. Remember, you only need each letter once so you do not need to print both e's in need, just the one. When you've sized all you letters, print them out. 

Next you're going to cut all the letters out. You're going to trace these so make sure you cut smooth lines, cut the center of e's and o's and all that good stuff. Then arrange the these on the flags and use a colored pencil to trace the outlines of the letters into the flags. The easiest thing to do is use a pencil the same color and the paint you're going to use, so that the lines don't show through when you're done. This way you have uniform letters that look great and hand done!

Once all the letters are traced onto their respective flags, use a small brush and fill in the outlines with paint. You can really use any kind of paint, I tend to use the super cheap acrylic paints that comes in tons of colors but a fabric paint would also work if you're painting on fabric or canvas. 

The last step is to decide how you want to string the flags up! I used a pretty thin string, and for the fabric flags, I actually threaded a needle with the string and tacked it to the flags being sure to not poke the needle through the front of the flags. This way they are all held up but you can't see how the string is attached from the front.


Letter Banners:

The process for this is extremely similar to the flag banner, you're going to choose what you want to spell and type it out, BUT, you have to put a little more thought into the font you use. Since they are hanging individually, you'll want them to be bold, have thicker lines, and probably not be cursive or loopy because they will look odd not connected to each other. 

Like the flags, you'll need to choose your material. I would recommend a card stock and if you  go to a scrapbooking aisle of a craft store there are tons of designs and colors to choose from.

Once you've chosen your words, picked a font, typed it out, and printed it; you will again cut out the letters but this time trace them onto the card stock. You can use a regular pencil because you are going to cut away the lines. Cut all the letter out of the card stock or paper you're using.  

I used the same string to hang these letter as the flags, but for these I taped the string to the backs of the letter which is a bit tedious. Another option would be glueing the string especially if your letters are thinner and it would be hard to use a really tiny piece of tape.  

There are always a need for signs at a wedding. Here's the card box, please sign this book, here are the restrooms. Banners can be a way to incorporate information into a decoration. A banner spelling out restrooms is always going to be cuter than a framed sign! It's also another way to add gushy sayings, like my letter banner that says "we've decided on forever". They can be hung on the front of a table, on the wall, or even from the ceiling! There are so many options to make it your own anyone can make a banner to suit their wedding decor needs. Happy crafting!