The Moving Checklist

Moving can be a difficult process. But the most work you will do is most likely before you pack a single box. Looking for a place to rent or to buy can be overwhelming. How many times have you moved and then realized all the questions you forgot to ask about the space? I know I've done this plenty of times! It's hard to get everything you want in a space and that's why it's even more important to ask yourself what your preferences are so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Below is a checklist of things to consider when looking at places. When you look at the list, decide which items are important to you and keep those in mind while house searching. Being aware of what a house has to offer will help ensure you get the best place for you!

I have also attached a downloadable version you can print out and make notes on! 


  • Is there A/C
  • What utilities are included? (For renting of course)
  • Is the stove/heat gas or electric?
  • What is the policy on painting and putting nails in walls (Again, for rentals)
  • How much storage is there overall? (Hall closets, basement, attic, etc)


  • Are appliances included?
  • How many drawers are there?
  • What kind of cabinet space is there?
  • How much counter space is there? (Remember to keep in mind what you generally keep on the counters; microwave, coffee maker, blender, etc)
  • Will you have room for a kitchen table?
  • Is there a pantry or some other storage option?
  • Is there a garbage disposal?
  • Is there a dishwasher?
  • How big is the sink?
  • Does the faucet have a hose?
  • What kind of flooring? Will it be easy to clean?

Living Room:

  • Will the layout of the room fit all your current furniture? (Can you envision where you would put your couch, TV, etc.? Note what walls have windows, and which would be ideal for putting a couch, bookshelves, or whatever furniture you would want in there.)
  • What kind of flooring is it?
  • Where are the outlets?
  • What color are the walls?
  • Where is the the phone or internet hook up?


  • Size/shape of room. (Again, can you picture how you would configure your furniture?)
  • Is there descent closet space? (This is a big one for me!)
  • Location of outlets
  • Is there overhead lighting?
  • Are there ceiling fans?


  • Tub or shower?
  • Is there storage? How much? (Closet, vanity mirror storage, under the sink, etc.)
  • Is there sufficient countertop space? (How much space is there and if it's not enough where would your extra items go?)
  • How is the lighting?
  • What is the water pressure in the shower like?

Other Rooms:

  • Is there a formal dining room? (And is that important to you?)
  • Is there a basement? (Finished or unfinished?)
  • Where is the laundry?


  • Is there a yard?
  • Is it fenced?
  • Will you be responsible for upkeep?
  • Is there a garage?
  • Is there sufficient parking?
  • How far is the driveway from the door?

Print a copy here!