Gold and Marble Bar Cart Makeover!

Bar carts were such a huge trend last year, and I sure hope they aren't going anywhere because I currently have 3 in my house! This wasn't totally on purpose; I made one as a Christmas present for my then boyfriend/now husband, got one was a wedding gift, and now this gold beauty I brought to life. My plan, once we move, is to a) get these bad boys in different rooms and b) have different uses for them like making one a coffee bar, etc. (Full disclosure: I made this with plans to sell it, and it is posted for sale but now I don't want it to go!)

Anyways, I found this cart online a few months ago, and it looked like this:

I wanted a project, but when we brought it home there was a lot more rust than the pictures showed. I started by taking the wheels off and the base apart. I asked my good friend Google what the best way to get rust off of metal was and you know what the answer was?

Aluminum foil + Vinegar

Weird, but I figured I'd give it a go, and it worked! I scrubbed the metal with balled up foil that I dipped in regular old white vinegar. It takes some scrubbing and gets a little messy but it does work. For the bolts and washers from the wheels as well as the wheel brackets themselves, I decided to try just soaking them in vinegar, since they were too small to scrub, and it worked pretty well. 

It took some time and helps to have a wet rag to wipe down the metal as you're working to get rid of the red yuck (technical term) that comes off as your scrub. Once everything was scrubbed as smooth as I could get it, it was time to paint. I bought a regular gold Rust-Eez spray paint. I started with all the small pieces laid them out, easy. Then I started on the cart itself. Because everything you're spraying is so narrow, something like this takes time and layers. It took a few days of going back and looking in different lights to make sure everything is coated properly. 


This leaf was collateral damage in my spraying, but I thought it looked pretty.

This leaf was collateral damage in my spraying, but I thought it looked pretty.

For the wheels, I taped the wheel itself with painters tape to spray the bracket. (Actually, I taped MOST of the wheel and still ended up with paint all over them. TAPE THE WHOLE WHEEL. You'll be glad when you aren't cleaning them). Once everything was painted, I put everything back together.  From here I would recommend using something to seal the spray paint. Any time my cart bumped something the paint chipped off the metal so this is big for longevity.

Next for the marble. I used this vinyl contact paper in a marble print. You could really use any print you want, I just love gold and marble! Anyways the contact paper has a sticky back so you want to cut a piece a little bigger than what you need and put it down slowly, peeling the back away a little at a time (it's kind of like putting a screen protector on your phone, no bubbles!). Once the paper was down I pushed it into the corner creases as much as I could so I knew what needed to be trimmed. Then I took an exacto knife and cut at the crease, so that the contact paper was flat. 

I'm sorry I don't have photos here to explain this better!

The last thing I did is somewhat optional, depending on the shape of your cart and how your vinyl paper lays. I wanted a more seamless look on the edges of the surface where the gold meets the marble. So I used some gold glitter washi tape and applied it around the edges of the top and bottom of the cart. I think it gives it a cleaner look! There are so many styles of washi tape out there, you can find one to match any contact paper you've chosen. If the tapes adhesive is lacking, you can always stick some extra glue in there, especially around the corners.

The final, final step: accessorize!

I love beautifying carts because the possibilities are endless! So go find a cart, choose a theme, and create!