Trends I Love: My Wish List For Fall

The weather is starting to change, and for the most part that’s a total bummer. Sure, Fall means you get to drink all the pumpkin spiced lattes your body can handle, but it also meaning those summer dresses/shorts/and rompers are going to the back of the closet. There are a few items though, that I’m totally drooling over for the imminent cold weather ahead of us.

There are the usual suspects, oversized sweaters, cute felt hats, all the ankle boots your closet can hold, and of course tights and socks layered any way you please.

Then there are a few other items I’ve had my eye on. Some have been around for a season or two and some you may just think I’m crazy. But I’m always into wearing something different. I believe in pushing the boundaries of what you are comfortable wearing because if you can feel confident rocking something you once felt insecure about, there’s nothing you can’t do!

1. Velvet Booties

They’re just so stylish! I’m really loving jewel tones right now, they are way more fun than only wearing neutrals. Great for holiday wear but also for every day! These boots are definitely a statement piece but are also very versatile. Wear them with a dress and tights, or with black jeans and a leather jacket. Wear them with all black or let them compliment a jewel tone outfit. Anyway you wear them, you’ll be turning heads.

2. Bomber Jackets

I’ve been seeing bomber jackets everywhere recently and I’m loving this trend. It can be hard to find a good fall jacket that’s not too heavy. Most bombers are lighter weight and silky. They’re easy to layer making them the perfect fall item! They come in a huge variety of styles as well so you can fit whatever your style aesthetic is (that day at least).

3. Overalls

I am obsessed with overalls! I love them, I love the jumper/romper trend so for me this is just an extension of that. Forget the overalls you wore in fourth grade, there are so many styles now you won’t even feel like you belong on a farm. And hey, if we wanna talk about farmer-wear, how many flannel shirts do you own? That’s what I thought. Anyway, overalls are great. They’re just a dress with legs! I recently got this pair from Target and they’re so comfy.

4. Loafers

Again, SO MANY STYLES. These shoes are comfortable and versatile. I wish I had 100 pairs, because they go with so many things, and I want every color, obvi. There isn’t much to say about these shoes, I’m just pumped about them.

5. High Tops

Again, not much to say about these, I’m just super into them lately. I never wear high tops but recently I’ve been looking at them in a whole new light, and I’m digging them! Don’t be afraid to try something new that you didn’t think you liked. It can be a great way to revamp old outfits!

0. sweater. / knit cardigan. / gray felt hat. / booties. / tights.

1. Urban. / ASOS. / Dries Van Noten. / Gianvito Rossi.

2. Urban. / ASOS. / ASOS Puma. / Saint Laurent / Express.

3. Topshop. / Madewell / ASOS. / Design House. / ASOS.

4. Chanel. / Steve Madden. / F21. / bar III. / Gucci.

5. Vans. / Converse. / Nike. / Vans.