For the last month most people have been saying goodbye 2016! Good Riddance! Fuck you 2016, you sucked! And so on and so forth. When I look back on the year I think about the election, the shootings, the tragedies, the election… and I start to agree. But when I was looking back through my photos (to make my best 9, duh) I realized I had a hell of a year. For one, I got MARRIED. We adopted our little pride and joy Ted, took an amazing honeymoon, watched the Cavs win the championship, watched the Indians play in the world series with my best friends, I started working with and learning from two awesome women, and I graduated college! I really did have a hell of a year, I just needed instagram to remind me.

Sure I had some lows; weddings are expensive, working part-time while I finish school doesn’t lend a lot of money to save, we wished we were living in Cleveland, I didn’t open my Etsy store like I had liked. But these things aren’t 2016’s fault. Sure, some were out of my control but some weren’t. And looking back I take responsibility for that. Stop making excuses, that is what 2017 is going to be about for me. Taking control of my life and making change instead of complaining that I’m unhappy. More than making resolutions I am setting goals and I am holding myself accountable for them. One of my Christmas gifts was an ink+volt planner that is all about helping you set goals, stick to goals, and tracking achievements. I’m already in love! I’ve spent time this past week writing down January goals.

Most of my goals have to do with blogging and starting my business, something I really wanted to get off the ground last year but couldn’t make happen. This was partly due to wedding planning, which took up a lot of time, but was also due to excuses after the wedding was over. So going forward I will be making product, launching an Etsy store, blogging, and working to find my voice and gain a following. Personally I want to feel better, live a healthier lifestyle (something you would have thought I’d do leading up to the wedding but hey, stress eating is a real thing). Again, no more excuses. I’m too tired to cook, I don’t have time to take Ted for a walk, no more!

What I want out of this year is to feel good about it and what I’ve done. I want to feel fulfilled by what I’m doing, I want to wake up with energy, and not end a day/month/or year feeling like I haven’t been making the most of my time. I want to travel, decorate my home, and maybe even save up some money.

To anyone who may read this I encourage you to think about how you look at last year and decide if that’s really how you want to live your life. I know I want to be more positive, and give myself more things to be positive about. So here’s to a positive and productive year!