How To Pack For A Trip To New York City (Or Anywhere!)

(Edit: I wrote this post before my trip but didn’t have time to edit the photos and get it posted before I left. That being said enjoy these words and time and keep an eye out for photos of my trip including an amazing pair of velvet shoes I bought!)

Tomorrow I am leaving on a trip to New York City and I could not be more ready! Of course I’m not actually ready, as I am just packing today (whoops). So I wanted to share with you some packing tips for the big city, or really any city.

Pack outfits.

Generally when I go on vacation I have a tendency to pack all my favorite clothes and figure out how to style them later. This works for beach vacations where it’s all bathing suits and sundresses. But for the city, especially in the Fall, it’s good to be a little more prepared. A trip to New York is generally busier. You’re moving around and on the go, not spending a lot of time at the hotel, etc. So if you have an idea of what you are going to be doing each day, pack around those ideas. This will make the days easier and far more comfortable, and you won’t run out of sensible things to wear.

With tights of course!

Pay attention to the weather, kind of.

You always want to look at the forecast before packing for a trip, but in a city where you will do a lot of walking and be in and out of subways you’ll want to think past just the temperature. Try to wear layers, but light ones. For example, wear a t-shirt under your sweater incase you get hot in the subway. Or bring a light jacket even if it seems warm because when you stop walking it tends to cool off. If it’s supposed to rain WEAR RAIN BOOTS. Walking around in wet shoes is no fun and if you spend a rainy day in New York it will happen. Be smart about layering in the winter to minimize the amount of stuff you have to carry around. Instead of a heavy jacket maybe opt for a lighter jacket but also have a scarf, hat, and gloves that can keep you warm but also be easier to take off and throw in your bag.

Great layering pieces that go with a lot of outfits.

Pack comfortable (but cute) shoes.

This one is hard, because I like bringing six pairs of shoes on a three day trip. But again, if your are out and about all day you probably don’t need more than a day and a night shoe, if that. Boots and booties are great because they are cuter than a tennis show but usually comfortable enough to wear all day and can usually transition from day to night. A comfy pair of flats is always great. And if you must bring heels I suggest a low pair, platforms or wedges. Also when you go out in heels throw those trusty flats in your bag, because you most likely will end up being glad you did.

Know which pairs are your comfortable shoes!

Bring two bags.

A day and a night bag if you will. Or a ‘stuff’ bag and a ‘dancing’ bag. During the day I like to have a large purse with anything and everything I could need. Camera, water bottle, hat/gloves (if it’s winter), I just like to be prepared. That being said, if I’m going out to dinner or to a bar where I basically just need my id, my phone, and lipstick throw a smaller purse if your big bag and use when needed. You’ll be glad you have both.

Extra bonus if your bags have easy to open and shut compartments!

Pack a ‘wow’ piece.

Have fun on vacation, especially in New York City, there are a million people wearing things crazier than anything you own. So bring a ‘wow’ piece. Pick one day and add something unexpected to the outfit just because! I don’t wear hats really ever but I have a wide brim hat I bought in Brooklyn last year so I feel it’s only appropriate that I bring it this year. I love trying to pull off new pieces on vacation, you can be anyone!

I love this hat!