The 10 Prettiest Closets Ever!

I've been super into home decor and interior decorating for a while now and I am just itching to move into our new place so I can start decorating! I already have all too specific ideas for each room, just waiting for the physical space. Among my obsessions are pretty closets. Yes, ideally I would have a walk-in closet (wouldn't we all?) but I think a well organized and styled closet can be gorgeous no matter the size!

I have compiled some of my favorite elements that make a closet amazing!


I've had a stand alone clothing rack in my room before just because I had so much clothing! It was a mess and so not cute, anyone that can keep one of these looking stylish, props to you because it can be such a cool touch to a room! Not to mention you can display your prettiest items.


No matter if your closet is in an actual closet or make-shift in the corner of your room, it looks best when it's SIMPLE. A clean look, solid colors, not over crowded, organized. All these things go into a simple, clean look that is so refreshing you won't ever want to touch it!


Organization is key for a happy closet. Like I said above, part of simplifying your wardrobe is to have it organized! Ikea has some amazing (not so cheap) closet organizers. And they are so sleek! The one on the left is my DREAM it's drawers are everything!


Last but not least is the walk in closet. I'm guessing if you are dedicated to your wardrobe so much that you designate an entire room for it, you're probably going to make sure it looks good. That being said, here are some inspiration photos for those of us who are still dreaming (again, those drawers!).

I hope these closets inspire you to start your own closet makeover journey. Just this week I cleaned out my closet and now have a garbage bag worth of clothes in the Goodwill pile. More on how to give your closet/wardrobe the makeover it's been begging for soon!